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Zandpruit Residents sick and tired of empty promises

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It’s more than twenty seven years Zandspruit exists but still, no changes as the situation going worse even if the freedom has been established in a the country, than to be better as Mandela’s dream and Freedom Charter said ” people shall Govern and better life for , all including free education,electricity and access of land .Before this year local election, most political parties including ANC and its MEC’S from Government, EFF,DA among opposition parties,visited Zandpruit several times on their campaign for recruiting people to vote for them. They were promising local community land and electricity including houses as well as employment, as unemployment and high alarming crime level is high in Zandspruit, due to poverty and lack of leadership . Local residents decided to take law on to their own hands as they said their sick and tired by empty promises from local Government and politicians.Currently they are busy cutting land for themselves at the farmers in the surrounding unused and abandon land without anyone’s permission ,some of them confirmed that they are following the say by Julus Malema that unused land must be grabbed ,the land we talking about is situated between ZANDSPRUIT and JACKAL CREEK and some portion towards COSMO-CITY.The former Johannesburg mayor “Parks Tau once visited Zandpruit earlier this year during the strikes to address the residents about their burning issues, which mostly was lack of land and electricity.He said he was not aware that there is a place called ZANDSPRUIT under his mayoral council, but he promised local residents that this matter will be the things of the passed if they vote for ANC, so that they can be able to build them house and provide effective and efficient service deliveries such as water,sanitation and Electricity, currently most local residents are using illegal connections of electricity, as they say they lost hope in the Government empty promises, especially during the election campaigns. Currently everyone is busy cutting a yard for themselves and aggressively dont want to listen to local officials as they say they doesn’t trust them anymore. Since Zandspruit was established many years ago, nothing changed like neighboring locations such as Cosmo City,which was established after Zandpruit but currently is recognized and recommended as a town. But in Zandspruit is a different story, the situation is still the same and going worse day by day,irrespective of Councillors changing very term,all of them comes singing one song just to advanced their recruitment campaign on their strategy to get people to vote for them and disappear after the elections, some members of community said that this had been noted as a strategic plan for empty stomach . Now residents says enough is enough as they said they won’t vote or listen to anyone from Government and they decided to do everything for themselves saying they cant’t wait for another twenty years for service delivery, land for all including efficient water ,sanitation and electricity like their neighboring suburbs naming few:- Honeydew,Ruimsig, Randpark Ridge,North-Riding and others.Majority of Zandspruit community has confess with no doubt that Jackal Creek was established on their land,but this is not yet confirmed. By Itumeleng Dithupe 25/11/2016

About Itumeleng Dithupe (Citizen Journalist)

My name is Itumeleng Dithupe an owner of company called stuumarash production company , a screenwriter , producer , Author . I moved to Johannesburg to hassle for my dream job in Media industry , where managed to find a job in Retailer within a period of 6month I started my studies at Boston Media House for a period of 4years . In 2010 I called for my first internship to work as a content producer and technical producer at highveld for a period of 8 month. After highveld intern I managed to find a job at cape Town for a documentary shooting. After documentary shooting I managed to go back to Johannesburg where I called for Citizen Journalism at Zandspruit. I am also studied with NFVF as a screenwriter .

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