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UMNOTHO VILLAGE: A community in the making.

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As we are coming together to buy this land and build these much needed houses, we are also building a community. But what kind of a community are we building?

Yes, what kind of a community do we want to be? Mostly when we speak about community we only think about the good, but community does not only bear good fruit, there are also evils in it. I know of communities which failed to protect its children, communities which refuse to work together and communities which couldn’t bury each other.

I believe we should be a community which protects its children, empowers its women, cares for its elderly and its disabled. In order for us to achieve such, we need to properly plan and design our village. The way people organise their living spaces has a great impact on how they will treat each other. A simple road in between can divide communities.

We at Umnotho Village are fortunate that we will be part of the planning and designing of our settlement. We will have a say in the designing of roads which are friendly to our children. We will encourage a village that accommodates our disabled and our elderly. We have also seen different models of construction where women can build their own houses without having to rely on anyone for technical assistance.

Currently we are a community by common need and soon we will be a community by geographic space. As we are collectively working together to buy this land and build these houses, we should continue even after building these houses, to work towards achieving a safe, self-sustainable and prosperous community.


Written by: Leslie Gama

About Kgomotso Radiphochwa (Project Manager)

I am Kgomotso Radipochwa born and bred at Morokweng, Northwest Province. I am currently living in Cosmo City. I am co-founder and Director of Impilo Foundation and the current Project Manager for Zandspruit Citizen Journalism Project. Citizen journalism project is centred on empowering Zandspruit Community to research and report on issues that are important to citizens of immediate area, and that will support community development. The project aimed to promote participatory democracy within the community. I am currently a student at Monash South Africa, studying Bachelor in Social Science majoring in International Studies and I was Community liaison Officer for Monash South Africa Community Engagement. I also sit on Lensaria Development Networks Board of Directors. My personal philosophy about community development is to create opportunities to develop thinking community, deepen understanding and enable community member to take thoughtful action


    mpho sibanda

    Good day

    Im the concernt residence at zandspruit i understand the project is there for improvement, but so concarnt as what is happening there is no prograss or positive feedbeack that i hear about the project i wish and so wish that no one is taking advantage of the needy people with their money, its now close to decembar the last time it was the vote wait and now whats the delay.

    • Kgomotso Radiphochwa (Project Manager)

      Dear Mpho you most welcome to be concern, if I may ask are you the member of Umnotho, if not I will why you concern probably one of your family member or friend could be part of the project. However if you are member I will expect you to be updated of what is happening and how far the project has come. Umnotho is not a project only for people in Zandspruit. We will be willing to engage with you further had it happens that you need more information.

    Basi Dube

    Afternoon Kgomotso
    It is a great idea for people to come together and help themselve
    The economic situation we find ourselves in demands of us to not sit back and expect things to happen to us but for us to stand up, come together and help each other to improve our living conditions. I, therefore commend the initiative taken by you guys and would like to be part of this community.
    I am currently staying here in Muldersdrift at the company premises and would Ike to have my own place in the area, so this vehicle seems to be an ideal to help me achieve my dream thereby also assisting others
    Kindly advise of your offices so I can get the necessary information so that I be part in this valuable venture


    i registerd with umnotho sometime last year in march then i went out of the country for work related i just come back last month i called umnotho office to update my new cell number an finalize payment but the lady i was talking to she said i must give her my ID number wish i did after she told me im no longer on the system as i only paid R200 registration fee to my suprise if im not on the system how she got the info?
    please help kgomotso


    Hi there

    I would love to own my apptment what can i do to own a house?

    S Bottoman

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