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Home » World News » Law to Stop SmartPhone Theft in California: Relevant to SA?

Law to Stop SmartPhone Theft in California: Relevant to SA?

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In South Africa there is a major problem with cellphone and smartphone theft. The amount of theft could be reduced if there were better solutions for stopping people from using the phone after it has been stolen. This would discourage people from stealing as there would be no market for a blocked phone.

The California state parliament has passed a law that forces all device manufacturers such as Samsung and Blackberry to include a feature that allows a person to remotely disable the phone.

Although there are some services available that enable this functionality, it is the first time a law has been passed. The law will make sure that people who purchase a phone activate the functionality. The law also requires that the phone must stay disabled even if the phone hardware is reset or operating system is downgraded, which is a common way that thieves get around the blocking feature.

Cellphones are one of the biggest targets for crime in Johannesburg, so this law might have an impact on us in future if it forces manufacturers to include this functionality. There may even be better solutions to stopping theft that can be developed locally.

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