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Local Business and Jobs

Zandspruit is home to many small businesses, as well as large companies with local offices. We will add to the list below, just contact us with information about your business, where it is located and what you are offering.

Businesses in Zandspruit

  • Impilo Connect:
    Office #20, Zandspruit Value Centre. We offer Internet Cafe services, WiFi for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Contact Andria on 072 096 5545 or
  • Impilo IT Training Centre:
    Office #19, Zandspruit Value Centre. In partnership with Change the World Trust and SEACOM, we offer training on PC Basics and more advanced ITE. Contact Joyce on 081 792 7683 or
  • Zandspruit Hyper:
    Zandspruit Value Centre. Local supermarket.

Employment and Job Projects in Zandspruit