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It was Sunday morning early december of 2016 when the local residents decide to grab shacks which were built and left unoccupied by government for them , as they said they are sick and tired of waiting and waited for local Government to deliver empty promises to them , they also mensioned that as Zandspruit is growing so fast with vast increase of residential needs, the community decided to look a way forward by continue to grab another land and unlawfully took the shacks which was built and left empty as other plot fully packed by stands .This shacks was government multi million rands project which were built between plot 52 towards Cosmo city along Marina road, the intenion was to move overcrowded residents from other side of informal settlement (squatting)for electricifying program as every yard has ten (10) to twenty (20) and it wll be difficult to be electrified.This shacks project was established before local municipality election (2016) but no progress was made in regard of it objective to be built there.

Soon after the election, disgranted residents started to ask the person who got that million rand tender , who is identified as someone who doesn’t live in or even around Zandspruit, to remove his shacks immediately after community realize that there’s no more space for other residents to cut their new stands and the so called elctrifying project not existing as the shacks were abundend with no owners .Anonymous man who got a tender to build a shacks at plot 52, refused to remove his shacks until residents early this year took a law into their own hands aiming to grab the land as is not enough for growing population and also mensioned that they lost their patient for years being waiting for shelter but no action had been implemened although promises is renewed annually by local officials and government irrespective of them been participating in every elections #Empty promises . The shacks was there in the evening bt the following morning all materials was stolen and new stands were build.

Zandspruit residents coded that they resolved a matter for themselves (Grab the land)as even after Souh African twenty two years of democracy they still blame government for it ignorance to attend their problems even if they are in crisis (Disaster management like Floods and Fire ,as is normal in squatter camps in this country) . Zandspruit is surrounded by unused lands and unknown owners of those lands approch local communities in they campaigns of every elections (National and local)promising land for housing and this has been opportunies for opposition parties by using those farmers who claim some of the plots around Zandspruit, by promising local residents to build houses for them on those plot as there is no enough land for Zandspruit housing, but nothing happen since democracy established by 1994 families are still squached in single shack due to no space.

Residents confirmed that they has no more hope in government as they were promised electricity before local elections of 2016 but all disappeared after being voted and put in power. Currently almost everyone who doesnt own a yard but stays in Zandspruit had grab the promised land and illegal coronet themselves saying they cant wait no more for Government officials and Councillors as they are sick and tired to wait and wait for years, but nothing happening .The issue of lack of land is still awakening matter in Zandspruit and there was a fail to meet government officials to comment further on this matter on time of going to press.

Itumeleng Dithupe

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