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Background on

  • Array is a non-profit campaign that has focus on promoting new-pictureeducational and well-being of children in communities. was launched 2012 with the hope to create global foot print of campaign that address really core needs of children and their families with the believe that communities must be active participants in their own development.  Shoes4child is the initiative of Tariku Bogale, the campaign reminded him of his childhood and triggered him to donate shoes and school uniform to Masakhane Primary School kids.

GrowthPath Foundation and Self-Motivation adopted a project with the view to continue what Mr Tariku Bogale has started.  The need for funding and collecting shoes for school children in Zandspruit has risen over the years. GrowthPath and Self-Motivation are better positioned to understand these needs and the effort to address these needs can be achieved by partnering with the like-minded businesses and organisations.

Project Objectives

  1. To maintain and increase awareness of need for schools shoes
  2. To build annual campaign for shoe drive among its target audiences
  3. To provide adequate school shoe to does who cannot afford it
  4. To build shoe bank

Shoe Requirements

Our requirement is purely school shoes for Senior and Lower primary school in Zandspruit

Target 500 shoes for both schools

Masakhane and Zandspruit Primary School

Amount R200 pair of Shoe

X 600 pair


How to Participate

  1. GivenGain sites provide a platform for secure credit card payment to be made to non-profit organisation such as ourselves; we are registered on the websites. Visit the website to make a donation
  2. Drop a pair at the following drop centre:

Office 19 Zandspruit Value Centre

Cnr Beyers Naude and Koifer Road


Contact Number: 0642680987 or
  1. Pay fast-(

About Kgomotso Radiphochwa (Project Manager)

I am Kgomotso Radipochwa born and bred at Morokweng, Northwest Province. I am currently living in Cosmo City. I am co-founder and Director of Impilo Foundation and the current Project Manager for Zandspruit Citizen Journalism Project. Citizen journalism project is centred on empowering Zandspruit Community to research and report on issues that are important to citizens of immediate area, and that will support community development. The project aimed to promote participatory democracy within the community. I am currently a student at Monash South Africa, studying Bachelor in Social Science majoring in International Studies and I was Community liaison Officer for Monash South Africa Community Engagement. I also sit on Lensaria Development Networks Board of Directors. My personal philosophy about community development is to create opportunities to develop thinking community, deepen understanding and enable community member to take thoughtful action

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