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Zandspruit is a community in the north-west of Johannesburg, South Africa and is home to about 70,000 people. This website is the online part of the Zandspruit Citizen Journalism Project implemented by Impilo Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Zandspruit.  Through support from Indigo Trust and Monash South Africa, the Zandspruit Citizen Journalism Project presented an opportunity to implement a new website anchored by news articles uploaded by  citizen journalists based in the community.

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Project Team

About Itumeleng Dithupe (Citizen Journalist)

My name is Itumeleng Dithupe an owner of company called stuumarash production company , a screenwriter , producer , Author . I moved to Johannesburg to hassle for my dream job in Media industry , where managed to find a job in Retailer within a period of 6month I started my studies at Boston Media House for a period of 4years . In 2010 I called for my first internship to work as a content producer and technical producer at highveld for a period of 8 month. After highveld intern I managed to find a job at cape Town for a documentary shooting. After documentary shooting I managed to go back to Johannesburg where I called for Citizen Journalism at Zandspruit. I am also studied with NFVF as a screenwriter .

About Kgomotso Radiphochwa (Project Manager)

I am Kgomotso Radipochwa born and bred at Morokweng, Northwest Province. I am currently living in Cosmo City. I am co-founder and Director of Impilo Foundation and the current Project Manager for Zandspruit Citizen Journalism Project. Citizen journalism project is centred on empowering Zandspruit Community to research and report on issues that are important to citizens of immediate area, and that will support community development. The project aimed to promote participatory democracy within the community. I am currently a student at Monash South Africa, studying Bachelor in Social Science majoring in International Studies and I was Community liaison Officer for Monash South Africa Community Engagement. I also sit on Lensaria Development Networks Board of Directors. My personal philosophy about community development is to create opportunities to develop thinking community, deepen understanding and enable community member to take thoughtful action