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A New Dawn For The Youth Of Zandspruit

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Zandspruit like many of the informal settlements in South Africa is notorious for criminal activities which are believed to be compelled by the absence of life improving opportunities. This is especially evident in the youth. The lack of jobs and higher education sponsorships has pushed the youth mainly men to resort to crime to fill the financial gap in their lives.

Kolping South Africa is a Non-Government Organization that coaches youth for the word of work through their Work Opportunity Project abbreviated WOP. The project runs for 12 days four times annually. Within the 12 days learners are trained and tested for life skills,HIV/AIDS,personal financial planning and world of work.

Inasmuch as the organization provides the four main categories only the life skills certificate is accredited by the department of Education. Youth around South Africa,Zandspruit included get to be part of the project and the selection process is done by an interview. The organization mainly focuses on young people who have the hunger for success but have minimum or no financial backing to further their studies.

The organization also helps the students to find the true carreer that would best suit them, talking into consideration their hobbies and inner interests. It further assists by awarding the students R6000.00 to help towards furthering their studies of getting documents like the driving licence to help them get income and then go back to school.

A new family of Kolping has just been established in Zandspruit to make it convenient for the youth in the area to get relevant information about the organization when they need it. The family committee was elected and Simphiwe Ralane was appointed as chairperson, Lorraine Ramotebele the secretary and Karabo was appointed as the treasurer of the new family. More families will be established,including Cosmo city.

We could not get a qualitative interview with the head of Kolping Johannesburg Beatrix van Rooyen due to her being hospitalized at the time but will be followed up soon as she is better for more information and contact details for interested youth in Zandspruit.

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